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Soft Gaskets

Made to your specifications using the materials you need.

precision cutting

State of the art cutting facilities

Soft gaskets are a range of industrial sealing products which are cut to required size from the specified raw material.

AMG have a state of the art cutting facility utilising the latest CAD driven cutting technology to facilitate immediate production and dimensional accuracy.

As an independent stockist of gasket material AMG can supply to meet your requirements from any of the main raw material manufacturers.

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Technical Details

Soft gaskets can be used across a wide range of applications and service conditions.

Download the Soft Gasket Data Sheet
  • Compressed Non Asbestos Fibre (CNAF) & Rubber gaskets offer an affordable sealing solution and are often used for pressure testing lines or in low temperature/pressure applications.
  • Graphite, PTFE and high specification Filled PTFE gaskets can be used where aggressive media is present from low to mid temperature ranges.
  • High temperature materials are designed to withstand up to 1000 Deg C in low pressure applications.
  • Standard size gaskets to B16.21/DIN/JIS gaskets to suit RF and Flat Face flanges or to bespoke dimensions can be produced quickly and efficiently.
ring type gasket

IBC Gaskets for RF Flanges

These ring type gaskets are size-specific for Raised Face flanges. They are fitted on the inside of the bolt circle.

soft gaskets

Full Face Gaskets for FF/Flat Face Flanges

Size-specific gaskets for flat face or full face flanges. Gaskets cover the “full face” of the flange with bolt holes for the studs.

bespoke precision cutting

Bespoke Gaskets

At AMG we are able to produce gaskets of any size and shape using the latest 2D CAD package. These gaskets are used on nonstandard size flanges which are bespoke to your requirements.

Soft Gasket Materials

Stock Material Includes:

  • Compressed Non Asbestos Fibre (CNAF) Grades.
  • Graphite laminates – Stainless Steel Tanged and Reinforced Graphite.
  • High-Temperature gasket materials and laminates.
  • PTFE & Filled PTFE.
  • All types of Rubber including Commercial, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile & Viton

Not sure which type of gasket is suitable for your specific needs? Our expert team can offer you advice based on the following information:

  • Operating Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Media
  • Flange Type/Size

AMG can also supply sheet gasket material for on-site or point of use fabrication.

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