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Gasket and Sealing Products

Our products have proven durability from reliable industry brands.

amg sealing

Highest Quality Products

AMG specialise in the stocking of high temperature, high pressure sealing products for industrial applications.

These products are generally used in the oil and gas, exploration, petrochemical and utility industries where establishing a high integrity seal is critical.

Products supplied from our stocks have all been produced by approved manufacturers using the highest quality raw materials in strict accordance with industry standards.

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Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets are a robust sealing product. They are widely used across many industrial applications.

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ring type

Ring Type Joints

Ring type join gaskets are precision-machined metallic gaskets. They are generally used in high-pressure applications such as oil, gas and petrochemicals.

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flange insulation kit

Flange Insulation

Flange isolation gasket kits are typically used on offshore installations, seawater environments, chemical installations and oil refinery pipelines.

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soft gaskets

Soft Gaskets

Soft gaskets are a range of industrial sealing products which are cut to the required size from your specified raw material.

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amg sealing ⚙️
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