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High Volume Washers

31st October 2023

amg sealing

Precision cutting of any 2D shape

AMG’s in house gasket production utilises the ATOM knife flash cut technology for soft cut gaskets.

With this fantastic piece of equipment, the capabilities are endless allowing precision cutting of gasket materials to tight tolerances in any 2D shape imaginable.

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AMG Sealing

Flexible to your business needs

The ATOM machine offers a highly repeatable process which allows us to make the one off urgent exchanger gasket or 100,000 washers which is what our machine was doing last week during our night shift.

Produced from a high temperature resistant laminate this order demonstrated AMG’s flexibility to produce high volume product in unusual materials quickly and competitively.

This remarkable equipment empowers us to precisely cut gasket materials with remarkable accuracy, even in complex 2D shapes.

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AMG Sealing

Adaptable efficiency

These washers are a demonstration of our adaptability and efficiency as they were crafted from high-temperature-resistant laminate.

This showcased our capability to swiftly and competitively produce high-volume products even in unconventional materials. AMG remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions and meeting your diverse gasket requirements with utmost precision.

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