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Hardness Critical Ring Type Joints

31st October 2023

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Individual Ring Hardness Verification

Hardness of Ring Type Joint gaskets is a critical factor when sealing RTJ flanges. The hardness of Ring Type Joint (RTJ) gaskets is critical for effectively sealing RTJ flanges, especially in high-pressure and high-temperature settings.

To achieve a dependable seal without damaging RTJ grooves, it’s essential that these gaskets are at least 30 Brinell Hardness Number (BHN) softer than the flange material.

AMG’s vast stock includes annealed SS316L ring type joints which have a maximum hardness of 135BHN. tel:01484723800

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Quality assured

AMG offers a wide range of RTJ gaskets, including annealed SS316L ring type joints with a maximum hardness of 135 BHN. What sets AMG apart is their rigorous in-house hardness testing, conducted using a Rockwell Hardness Tester.

This quality assurance process ensures that the gaskets they supply meet the necessary hardness specifications for demanding industrial applications.

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Outstanding Reputation

By consistently providing gaskets with the right hardness, AMG has earned a reputation for reliability and industry excellence.

Our dedication to ensuring gaskets conform to strict hardness standards gives you the confidence to utalise these gaskets in critical applications.

With AMG, you not only receive high-quality RTJ gaskets but also the peace of mind that your sealing solution will be at optimal performance, even under the most challenging conditions.

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