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UK Origin IX RTJ Gaskets for Compact Flanges

31st October 2023

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Meeting our customer’s exact specifications.

AMG were awarded a project for a large requirement of IX500 (20”) F52 (CS-360-LT) IX RTJ gaskets in accordance to Norsok L-005.

One of our customer’s requirements was that all gaskets must be produced from UK origin forgings and to be supplied complete with high level QA inspection.

The inspection included a 100% dimensional check by CMM, Dye pen (LPT) examination and Ultrasonic examination which had to be reported and verified by independent witness.

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Quick Turn Around Time

105pcs were supplied to our customer’s exact requirements within 10 weeks and within our customers on-time delivery target.

AMG were able to deliver this high-profile project with all the associated documentation by working closely both with the customer and manufacturing partners to ensure total compliance throughout all aspects of the project.

We are always happy to work with your exact specification to bring you the products you need without compromising on quality or safety.

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Committed to your needs

This delivery of 105 pieces of gaskets, completed to exact customer requirements within their on-time delivery target, underscores our commitment to efficiency and reliability.

AMG’s success in this venture was made possible by close collaboration with both the customer and our manufacturing partners to ensure a seamless and fully compliant project execution.

Our dedication to working closely with your specific requirements, without compromising on quality or safety, remains the cornerstone of our service. AMG is ready to meet your precise needs and deliver products that always meet the highest standards of excellence.

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