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Revolutionising Sealing Solutions

AMG Sealing Limited are pleased to introduce the DeltaV-Seal™ – a revolutionary metallic gasket which provides leak proof metal-to-metal sealing.

The Features – DeltaV-Seal™DNV GL type approved – the world’s first for gasket products.

An all-metal, one-piece gasket. In equal material or a galvanic compatible material to the flange itself. Galvanic corrosion eliminated.

One universal gasket, applicable for a full variety of liquids and gases.
Leak proof, metal-to-metal multiple sealing. One primary sealing, two secondary.
Seals damages to the pipe flanges (tested up to 0.3 mm).
Solid metal-to-metal sealing. Less torque, no retightening of bolts necessary (more tolerant to user failure).
Long life duration. Service intervals practically eliminated – cuts costs through whole life cycle.
No fragmentation, easy flange face cleaning.
Designed to endure extreme temperatures; both very low and high temperatures.
Fire safe – withstands as much heat as the flange connection itself. Blow-out resistant.
Leakage & burst / vibration & pressure pulse tests approved by DNV GL in 2015.
High mechanical stress and vibration resistant.
Easy and cost-effective storage and logistics.
Achilles JQS Qualified (Norway).

This is an exciting development in the sealing industry which offers genuine solutions for problematic and critical applications.

We’d love to tell you more about the DeltaV-Seal™ – please download the information sheet or get in touch for more information.

Gasket Technology for Pipeline Connections

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